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Here is texts of harris-hijiri, mainly about asexuality.
I am 40's. Native Japanese. Live in Toyohashi city. I have done various actions of asexuality about 14 years. I have been member of AVEN(same handle) since 2007.

Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/harrishijiri
mail: harris.hijiri at gmail.com

There is problem: How do Japanese asexuals get to the word “アセクシュアリティ”?

I talked younger sexual minority friend in May. He said, ‘Young asexuals who don’t know “asexuality” can not get to the word’.

I said, ‘But now is internet era, people google by “恋愛が分からない”(Rennai ga wakaranai=I cannot understand love-romance)’, then they may discover asexuality?’

Is it really?

I tried it.

…..Top page, second page, there seemed not to be the word アセクシュアリティ.

……..The person who is asexual, but does not know the word still, how does the person get to the word?