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Here is texts of harris-hijiri, mainly about asexuality.
I am 40's. Native Japanese. Live in Toyohashi city. I have done various actions of asexuality about 14 years. I have been member of AVEN(same handle) since 2007.

Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/harrishijiri
mail: harris.hijiri at gmail.com

[Travel NY-2] I fell down in front of security check in LAX(=Los Angeles Airport) by dehydration.

Before arriving in Los Angeles, I might catch a cold. Perhaps for catching cold, I consumed water in my body. When I arrived at LAX(Los Angeles Airport), I became dehydration. I wanted to drink something.

I said it at information, immigration, and baggage…people were coldness. I could not stand by myself, I fell down in front of security check(for tranferring) at last.


(Continued: [Travel NY-3] I took the flight to NY.)